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Festival Càntut

Artists of different styles and techniques participate in the festival, starting from popular roots and traditional songbooks to reinvent them.
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NIGHT OF THE MUSICIANS. It takes place as part of the Festa Major and is traditionally held in Plaça de la Coma, the heart of Cassà.

The Càntut festival is part of the project of the same name, which was founded in 2012 to collect and dissemination of the oral musical heritage of the Girona regions. This project has three sides: the songbook, with more than a thousand love, picaresque, children's, religious or historical songs collected by song hunters and sung by seniors; the festival, which is held in Cassà with the aim of bringing these repertoires to life; and the productions, with projects with a life of their own that link the oral traditions with the present.

The festival is held during the autumn in various open and closed spaces around the town of Cassà. Artists of different styles and techniques participate, who take the folk roots and traditional songbooks and reinvent them before the festival audience. It is a celebration that links directly with the town's music tradition and is very warmly received by the public.

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