Cork town in a privileged natural environment

Cassà de la Selva

Cassà de la Selva is a town with a strong cork industry town located in a superb natural setting between the protected area of the Gavarres massif and the Selva plateau. Strategically located in the southern Gironès region, Cassà is 14 kilometres from Girona and 20 kilometres from the towns of the Costa Brava such as Platja d'Aro.

The cork harvesting had and still has a major influence on life in the municipality. In Cassà you can discover the journey that a cork makes from the tree to our tables. It is one that begins in the forest, in the Gavarres, with the cork oaks and the peeling of their bark, and ends at the companies that transform it into the corks that plug some of the finest wines of the region.

Cassà is also a land of musicians. A rich musical tradition has developed here since the 19th century, with several traditional sardana groups that are still active today. This tradition is reflected in the many concerts and sing-alongs held throughout the year, such as the Solfejant, the Càntut and the Night of the Musicians. The cultural agenda is completed by several fairs and shows, the highlights being the Cork Fair and the Fair of Santa Tecla, in addition to a rich architectural heritage that includes a medieval town centre and small art nouveau gems, also the legacy of the cork industry.
Its location astride two rich natural areas also makes the municipality an excellent starting point for discovering the local wildlife and vegetation. The cork oaks, pine and oak groves, and dense thickets of the Gavarres make a welcome refuge for ungulates and carnivores, and even the open spaces of the plateau, dotted with forest pockets, are home to numerous birds. This natural heritage also features the floodplain meadows of Esclet, a protected space with typical flora and habitat of several species of amphibians, and the public estate of Can Vilallonga, located in the heart of the Gavarres natural area, where you can discover the traditional activities linked to the forest and the land.

In addition, the greenways and trails that criss-cross the municipality will allow you to discover all this natural and cultural heritage in a manner that is active, sustainable, and respectful towards nature and the locals.

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The remains of the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman periods that are scattered throughout the municipality of Cassà reveal the antiquity of its human settlements.

Cork town

Cassà is a town marked by the manufacture of cork, an element that has shaped the landscape, the economy and the traditions of the town and the entire territory.

Land of musicians

Cassà has been a land of musicians for more than a hundred years. It has become a point of reference for concerts and cultural activities linked to traditional and modern music.

Gateway to Gavarres massif

Numerous footpaths and paths start from the town and enter the Gavarres, forming a network of itineraries that allow you to discover a rich natural and cultural heritage.
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