Cycling and hiking routes

Greenways and Pirinexus

The Greenways are old railway tracks that have been converted into cycling and hiking trails. They are accessible and safe spaces adapted for walking or biking that let you discover the region in a way that’s sustainable and fun. Specifically, the regions of Girona offer more than 150 km of greenways divided into different routes that link the Pyrenees with the Costa Brava. 

These greenways complement the Pirinexus, a 353 km circular route that connects both sides of the Pyrenees, taking advantage of part of Girona's greenways, while other sections are either on tracks or roads shared with other vehicles. It is a unique opportunity to discover the landscapes, people and customs on either side of the Pyrenees.

In recent years, the town of Cassà has become a central point along the Girona network of greenways. In particular, up to three greenways pass through the municipality or have their start there. The Carrilet II Greenway connects Girona with Sant Feliu de Guíxols via the old Tren Petit/ Carrilet train tracks and crosses the town along Carrer de la Via and Passeig del Ferrocarril. It is an emblematic route, perfect for a day trip to the sea or to the city of Girona. 

The Spa Route Greenway connects the Carrilet greenway with the centre of Caldes de Malavella. Its starting point is within Cassà, just past the Verneda river. The route has been designed to discover the thermal secrets of Caldes in a very pleasant excursion that passes through the crop fields and forests of the La Selva plateau. 

Finally, in 2022 the South Gironès Plain route. This greenway begins within the town of Cassà and connects with the towns of Campllong, Fornells de la Selva and Llambilles. The route follows the Verneda and Gotarra creeks and crosses the plains to the south of the municipality, an area of gentle hills, farmland and old farmhouses that gets you up close to nature and some wonderful landscapes. 
All these greenways are an unparalleled opportunity to discover the region in a sustainable way. They can be done as a family whether you choose to do them in their entirety or just some sections, and make an ideal day trip or weekend getaway. Due to its location, Cassà is a perfect place to stop while enjoying this experience.  Thus, you can take the opportunity to discover the town's attractions, its art nouveau architecture, the legacy left by the cork industry, or its very own cultural events. What's more, you can also choose to trace some of the trails though the surrounding area, as the municipality gives the option of the protected natural area of the Gavarres, have a walk along the Cassà flatlands, and discover the rich heritage natural and cultural that is hidden there. 

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The Plateau

Cassà is located at the precise point where the Gavarres open onto the plain of Selva, a territory of agroforestry landscape.

The Gavarres

Cassà de la Selva is an exceptional gateway to the Gavarres natural area, a protected natural area.

Can Vilallonga

In the heart of the Natural Area of les Gavarres, at the foot of the massif and within the municipality of Cassà, is the farm.
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