More than 100 years of musical tradition

Cassà, land of musicians

Cassà has been a land of musicians for more than a hundred years. The cork industry that developed in the region during the 19th and 20th centuries brought wealth and employment to the town and, with these, a culture of its own emerged closely linked to the music of the cobla and the sardana. 

Thus, starting in 1850-60 period, the first musical formations emerged, specifically the cobla-orchestra of Cassà. Since then, a multitude of groups have been created, some of which are still active today. Among these are the Cobla la Principal de Cassà and the Cobla Selvatana, today converted into the Selvatana International Orchestra. This musical movement also resulted in the foundation of the Municipal School of Music, which continues to train today's future musicians.

This rich tradition and active musical activity have also turned Cassà into a reference for concerts and cultural activities involving traditional and modern music. You can discover and enjoy this musical tradition by visiting the many festivals and sing-alongs that take place in Cassà throughout the year, such as the Càntut, the Solfejant, the Night of the Musicians, or Cremat Night.


The remains of the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman periods that are scattered throughout the municipality of Cassà reveal the antiquity of its human settlements.

Cork town

Cassà is a town marked by the manufacture of cork, an element that has shaped the landscape, the economy and the traditions of the town and the entire territory.

Gateway to Gavarres massif

Numerous footpaths and paths start from the town and enter the Gavarres, forming a network of itineraries that allow you to discover a rich natural and cultural heritage.
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