Cork town

The cork culture, a unique legacy

Cassà, cork town

Cassà is a town marked by the manufacture of cork, an element that has shaped the landscape, the economy, and the traditions of the town and the entire region. Cork is an example of how nature and people are integrated in a system that shapes life, landscape and culture in a sustainable and respectful manner. How such a simple and useful product can create its own ecosystems; landscapes modified and worked by human activity and a way of life for entire generations. How a territory can create and maintain its identity linked to an industrial activity that has generated culture, music, food and its own, living traditions. 

In Cassà, as in most Mediterranean cork regions, there is a particular urban development associated with the cork industry of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, which created exceptional architecture with evident art nouveau influences. You can discover this by taking a stroll through the town centre or on one of the routes and tours on offer. This economic sector also gave rise to a unique culture, highlighted by an important music tradition, the most remarkable element of leisure life among the stopper makers, one still very much alive in the numerous sing-alongs and concerts held in the municipality.
The forests of the Gavarres are among the finest landscapes that you can find in Cassà that are the direct result of the cork industry, dominated by cork trees along with pines, oaks, brambles and holm oaks.  A rich, varied natural scenery that you can discover on numerous itineraries for walking or cycling. At Can Vilallonga, a public estate located in the middle of the Natural Interest Area of the Gavarres, you will be able to learn how human activities linked to cork have shaped this landscape.

To maintain the identity of the population tied to the cork culture, since 2017 the Cork Fair has been celebrated every year in Cassà, where you can learn about and participate in the traditional activities linked to cork. There you can watch a cork peeling demonstration, discover how corks are made in the traditional way, or sample the finest products of the land.

As you can see, the cork industry has left a unique mark on the town of Cassà, a legacy that you can discover in a sustainable and respectful manner through nature and traditions when you visit the town.


The remains of the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman periods that are scattered throughout the municipality of Cassà reveal the antiquity of its human settlements.

Land of musicians

Cassà has been a land of musicians for more than a hundred years. It has become a point of reference for concerts and cultural activities linked to traditional and modern music.

Gateway to Gavarres massif

Numerous footpaths and paths start from the town and enter the Gavarres, forming a network of itineraries that allow you to discover a rich natural and cultural heritage.
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