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Cassà Literary Awards

The Cassà Literary Awards have a long history and recognition since they were first organized by the Cassà Excursionist Group in 1967.
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The Cassà Literary Awards have a long history and recognition, since they were organized for the first time by the Cassà Excursionist Group in 1967, thus becoming the oldest Literary Awards in the Girona region together with the Recull de Blanes. Recognized writers such as Vicenç Villatoro or Rafael Vallbona beat them at the beginning of their literary career.

The Correlletres is a fast writing contest. The story is free content, but the organizers propose a word or reason that must be included in the story. The difficulty of the contest is the little time that is available to execute the proposal once the reason for its publication is known.

The categories of the Correlletres Awards (online) are the following:

  • Narrative runners (under 40 years of age)
  • Xavier Carbó poetry correlletres (for all ages)


The categories of the School Literary Awards are the following:

  • Manel Tolosà: Students from the 5th and 6th years of the Cassà educational centers (only the Cassà educational centers participate)
  • Joan Codolà: Students from the Cassà educational centers of 3rd and 4th ESO (only Cassà educational centers participate)
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