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Cassà Town Fair

The Cassà Town Fair is the most important celebration of the town. It allows you to soak up its essence with music, dances, and other activities for all audiences.
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NIGHT OF THE MUSICIANS. It takes place as part of the Festa Major and is traditionally held in Plaça de la Coma, the heart of Cassà.
Fira de Santa Tecla
FAIR OF SANTA TECLA. The day of Santa Tecla was chosen to mark the celebration of the small Festa Major de Cassà or the autumn fair.

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The most important festival in Cassà de la Selva is the Festa Major de la Santa Espina, the town fair celebrated to coincide with the third full moon of spring, 56 days after Holy Week. The Festa Major allows you to immerse yourself in the essence of the town and the most distinctive features of the town are on full displayed. 

Among the most outstanding events of the festival is the Night of the Musicians, in which more than fifty musicians from Cassà form a monumental cobla or line ensemble; Cassà is imbibed with music, featuring concerts dotted all around town, or the popular puppet dances of the gegants, capgrossos and cavallets, in addition to concerts and festival tents. Young and old are welcome at the events of the Festa Major de Cassà. 

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