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Cassà is the birthplace of many musicians and this musical tradition is reflected in the different activities in town. You can enjoy many diferent music events in Cassà:



The Càntut festival takes place on a weekend in a November in Cassà de la Selva and it is an event that gives life to the music of the old people.

The idea comes from the inventors and coworkers of the project Cançons i músiques dels avis, who created a website with 1000 recorded songs from the past. At that moment, they decided that they had to go one step beyond and Festival Càntut was born, taking place in Cassà.

Cassà was chosen because of its wide musical activity and the amount of associations that can benefit the project.

The aim of Festival Càntut is giving life to the songs that can be found on the website Càntut. Cançons i músiques dels avis. It also wants to help and get to know people, musicians, groups and associations who work in order to promote the Catalan musical heritage, especially helping the nearest one.

Different musical associations from town as well as the schools take place in the festival. During this weekend, there are conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other activities.

More information at  www.cantut.cat
Properes activitats del Càntut

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