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Giants, bigheads and horses
The giants of Cassà are Egyptian and they are called Isaura i Aldric

Giants, bigheads and horses

The Giants of Cassà are a unique couple of Egyptian Pharaohs. They were made in 1959 with the financial help of people from town. As they are so special, the ,mayor of that time, Mr Josel Marial Vidal, sent a letter to the president of Egypt asking for a symbolic donation for the giants inspired by their culture.

Years later, the mayor Francesc Nadal added bigheads to the troupe. The troupe of giants and bigheads is completed with the horses, starring in different dances.

The giants of Cassà have received great recognition and you can find them, along with the horses and bigheads, in Centre Cultural Sala Galà. The giants dance in the streets sometimes during the year, but it is during the Festa Major that they dance the most popular dances.

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